Collection: CONFLUENCE


2 - 8 November 2020

Confluence is the coming together of two or more things at one point. This aptly describes the meeting of Kerry’s abstracts and landscapes 
at Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong.

A true Piscean, Kerry feels more at home close to or in the water. This has compelled her to explore all aspects of the water in her painting. She has endeavoured to portray the different way water can be observed; above, below, from the shore, from a distance and when immersed. 
If Kerry could, she would have the smell and the sound of the sea present when you see the work.

Kerry’s landscapes elicit a sense of fantasy with uplifting elements. Some works are very clearly based in and around the beautiful rolling hills of the Shoalhaven area, while others are pure escapism depicting worlds of mist and marks.

The medium that Kerry has chosen for this work is Acrylic paint, mixed media using layering while including graphic elements. The outcomes are all very different – paintings with an impressionistic playful approach.

Kerry’s aim is to take the viewer on the journey with her to find the calm, the joy and captivation of a magical place.
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