17 - 23 January, 2022

‘Dive In’ to the New Year and explore and appreciate environments above and below the sea. I invite viewers to share my love of water and nature’s surroundings, swimming and diving that had led to my unique style that developed organically from mixing my passions for nature/ocean/water, adventures, photography and painting. I love getting lost in the process of my paintings, like I do in nature. Replicating the feeling of freedom and calmness like I do around water. I invite viewers to reflect upon and explore the beauty and fragility of nature, ocean life, water and to share my experiences to feel calm, refreshed and to ‘Dive in’ to a new year!

‘No matter what mood or stage in my life, I’ve always been drawn to the water, to ponder, to seek clarity, clear my head, to enjoy, calm and to refresh.  I’ve always been told, “Salt water fixes everything” and it’s stuck with me. I’ve always been drawn to water, whether it be the ocean, mist, rain, waterfalls, rivers or trickling creeks. Water calms me, refreshes and rejuvenates. I find water’s reflections, refractions, motion, freedom, sound and scent mesmerising’.

Opening Daily l 10am-4pm
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