8 February - 21 February 2021

“This body of work presents a variety of approaches I have explored and developed to encapsulate the beauty of our local area. Painting en plein air enables me to take a spontaneous approach to capture the light, colour and movement of my surroundings. Carrying a diverse range of materials, the medium is often chosen onsite to eliminate any preconceived ideas or assumptions about how to approach the natural environment. Working quickly on several pieces at once, allows spontaneity to flow uninterrupted and unhindered by over-thinking the early, crucial marks.

Paintings are sometimes finished in the studio, where time and contemplation can evoke further, more considered responses using memory and lingering feelings connected to my experiences and adventures in nature. A variety of natural, found and recycled mark making tools are utilised, alongside traditional brushes and palette knives, to recreate patterns in nature and manipulate images spontaneously. With an emphasis on the interplay of colours, shapes and lines, these are often laid down in layers, using a process of washes and marks in watercolour, acrylics, crayons and inks.”

Susan is an intuitive artist, responding emotively to elements in nature and personal experiences to represent lasting visual impressions. After nearly 40 years of living in and around the Jervis Bay and Cambewarra area, the natural beauty of the South Coast never ceases to amaze her. Whilst often working in abstract, Susan’s diversity also extends to painting impressionist and traditional portraits, landscapes and still life in oils, acrylics and mixed media, winning several awards in each of these categories. As a retired teacher, one of her great loves is teaching art to inspire others to share in the joy and exhilaration that comes from the creative process.

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