Higher view of the Shoalhaven River from Pulpit Rock opposite Arthur Boyd's property Bundanon

Jenny McIntosh, Higher View - View of the Shoalhaven River from Pulpit Rock, Pen and Watercolour Wash

Fern Street Gallery
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Jenny McIntosh

Higher View - view of the Shoalhaven River from Pulpit Rock

19.5cm x 14cm (image size)
25cm x 29.5cm (framed size)

Pen and Watercolour Wash

Artist's Inspiration

I had long wondered about this 'Pulpit Rock' in the Shoalhaven. I knew it was sort of opposite Arthur Boyd's property 'Bundanon' so I decided the next free day I would check it out.

The next 'free' day turned out to be nearly 40 degrees... but I decided I had put it off long enough! Well, I found it and it's not a long walk by any stretch but delightful just the same. After dawdling, taking pics and doing small pencil sketches, I found a little possie for lunch. It was just short of the top but had a little shade and a rock where I could balance my painting gear etc. My plan had been to do some oil painting... but as the day wore on the heat started to get to me, so I settled for some pen and watercolour instead.